3 Great Locations To Place A Vending Machine With Healthy Food Options

25 March 2015
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Now-a-days, it seems that eating healthy is getting harder and harder. All around you, there is junk food that isn't good for your body, and because you either don't think ahead or don't have time, you reach for these junk foods time and time again. If there were more healthy food options within reach, most people would likely consider these as well. A vending machine full of healthy foods is a great way to motivate people to eat healthier when they are busy. This article will discuss 3 great locations to place a vending machine with healthy food options, and it will explain why having a vending machine in these locations is so beneficial. 

A School

Many kids love the idea of being able to spend their own money to get snacks. Often times schools have vending machines that are full of high-sugar, high-fat, processed foods that aren't very good for you. Since you know that students are going to be buying foods out of the vending machines, you should fill them with healthy foods instead. You can offer fruits and vegetables as well as whole wheat snacks, cheeses, waters, 100% natural juices, and whatever other healthy foods you would like. The students will realize that these are their only options for snacks, and therefore will pick one of the healthy snacks, rather than something unhealthy, like they would've in the past. Since learning to eat healthy at a young age is important, making these small changes in schools can go a long way. 

A Gym

When most people are at the gym, they are in a mindset of healthy body and healthy eating. For this reason, you would likely have great sales with a vending machine full of healthy food. Whether the person needs a little bit of energy before a workout, or if they are trying to fuel their bodies after a hard workout, a healthy vending machine can provide them with the foods that they need. You can also include things like pre-workout mixes, protein drinks, and other supplements that people like to use both before and after their workouts. 

At A Place of Work

Many employees are quick to go to the vending machine for drinks and snacks when they are on their break. These snacks give them a much-needed energy boost when they are feeling tired, but, sadly, most of the time people are filling their bodies with junk. Instead of having the employees choose unhealthy options from a regular vending machine, give them a vending machine that is full of healthy options for them to choose from. These snacks will give them sustained energy, rather than giving them a sugar rush of energy and then a complete crash at the end. This may help them to be more effective at work and will allow them to give their body more of the proper nutrients that it needs. 

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